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my professional journey

I got my initial experience of the administrative/clerical world while in college, 1997-2002, working in the campus business office, as a clerical assistant.

After college, it was in 2006 that I was given the opportunity to work at a small family owned business where I spent the next 15 years honing and polishing my new administrative skills along with learning additional skills.

After impressing my new manager in the first three months of my employment, I was given my first project. I was tasked with learning the new document storage software and platform along with the scanning and indexing feature. Once I learned the software, I was then tasked to scan and index all customer agreements so that they are electronically available through their customer account.

Due to those and other successes, I was given a full time opportunity less than 6 months after starting employment, continuing to do data entry but also taking on a Customer Care position as well as additional low level administrative tasks.

Over the next six years, I moved around the department learning to:

~Bill install orders

~Bill service orders

~Process sales install work orders (along with their corresponding commissions)

~Run reception

~Accounts Receivable

~More intricate one-time administrative tasks

~Given projects to work on in my down time

During those six years of learning each position in the department, I became the main department "go-to", inadvertently becoming the department lead. After 10 years with the company and in this department, I was promoted to the Supervisor.

As the Supervisor, I assisted in managing a team of 15 that included:

~Customer Care team of 6

~Administrative team of 9, encompassing



~Work Order processing

~Accounts Receivable


~Lead Team Advisor

During my five years as a Supervisor, I not only helped manage the team but I also continued to work with the team on developing their skills by mentoring them but also by creating a departmental advancement program.

After working as a Supervisor for five years, the company presented me with a newly created opportunity that allowed me to utilize my greatest strengths in their most useful manner. They created a new position titled Administrative Project Manager.

As an Administrative Project Manager, I not only brainstormed on how to solve various roadblocks in the department but I also consistently thought of how to make not just the tasks but the team more efficient. This could entail doing a task audit along with the corresponding manual. Sometimes it entailed setting up a new system, such as Trello, for task and project management or Freshdesk ticketing system that is utilized for email communications. My work was focused on not just being more efficient but also to work towards the ultimate goal of being pro-active instead of always re-active.

In 2021, I began the transition of these skills from the traditional corporate setting to the online setting and I have enjoyed it!

I now use these skills to help business owners reclaim their time so that they can scale their business.

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